Sunday School

Sunday School is at 10AM on Sundays. Starting in February of 2021 we began a new format for our Sunday School classes. Nursery  (birth to 2/3 years), Primary (2/3 to reading age), Intermediate (Reading to 9/10 yrs), Juniors (9/10 to 12 yrs), Teen Boys, Teen Girls, Growing Godly Women (20+), Adult Men/Seniors

Youth In Action

Sunday Evenings after worship service- Youth in Action was started 3 years ago with the dual goal of involving youth in a teaching ministry and allowing parents of young children to focus on sermons during evening services. Youth in Action is organized and taught by the teens of the Church. The children enjoy spending time with the older teens and the teens learn the ability to prepare and share Biblical lessons. In addition to Bible lessons children have also have the opportunity to sing, do crafts, play games, and fellowship. A favorite activity has also been the production of several short movies. 

Growing Godly Women

The ladies of the Church meet several times a year to fellowship and share the Word of God. Meeting places vary from the Church building to homes to local parks. Check the announcements section of the site for the latest information on meeting times and locations. 


Our missions program includes independent, church planting missionaries around the globe, ranging from Mexico to Mongolia and all parts between. We also support Bearing Precious Seed ministries, specifically National Bible Publishing Month, in their quest to place Bibles in the hands of lost souls around the world in their native language.