Meet Your Teachers

Sunday School is back with a whole new look for 2021! Lets meet your teachers!

Martha Cunningham and Annette Fishback- The Cat Herders– 2/3 yrs to reading age (Downstairs-3rd classroom on the left)

Tom and Emma Gould- The Investigators– Intermediate Class- reading age to 9/10 yrs (downstairs-5th classroom on the left)

Aaron and Bethany Hall- The Adventurers– Junior Class- 9/10 yrs to 12 yrs (Downstairs-main classroom)

Lydia Tripp- The Set apart Girls– teen girls (upstairs office)

Pastor Michael Tripp- The Trailblazers– Teen boys (downstairs 6th classroom on the left)

Cathy FradyGrowing Godly Women- 20yrs+(downstairs- 4th classroom on the left)

Greg Cunningham– Adult men/seniors (upstairs sanctuary)

Nursery is available during Sunday School- (downstairs 2nd class on left)