COVID-19 Opening Guidelines

covid 19 opening guidelines
COVID-19 Church Guidelines
Dear Members of the Welcome Baptist Church,
We miss all of you and are looking forward to slowly getting back to some type of normalcy at our church. As much as we want to see things normal again we also must take into consideration the health of everyone that would like to be a part of our services. The process will take several months before we see things back to more normal services so please no matter how you view the regulations being put forth know that we are trying to be as wise as possible as we move forward. If you for any reason do not feel comfortable coming out please stay home and enjoy the service on the Livestream.
We plan to start having distance restricted services on Sunday May 10th.
We will be having an 11am service only. This service will be designed to last until approx. 12pm.
We will continue to have our Wednesday Service as a Live Stream.
These Guidelines will be in place until Further notice. Our Goal will be to have an update on May 27th regarding any changes to these guidelines.
If you or any of your family do not feel well, the entire family needs to stay home.
If you are over 65 years of age, we are requesting that you continue to enjoy the services at home for a few more weeks.
We have been having the facilities cleaned each week after we have filmed the live stream services. We will be scheduling for a deep disinfectant clean the week before our first service back.
We will be having the facilities cleaned after every service.
We will have masks available at the door for anyone who would like to have one
Nursery will be closed ā€“ no access to the Nursery will be available ( Nursing Mother’s should plan feeding around service times, however in the event that you would need assistance Pastor’s wife Mrs. Amber Tripp will have details for you to follow regarding the use of our Sunday School rooms for that purpose.)
No Sunday School ā€“ no Sunday School services
No Kitchen use- Kitchen area will be closed
No Drinking Fountain- Drinking fountain will be turned off and will not be used
We asked that no one goes to the lower level unless they need to use the restroom.
Bathrooms will be open – We will have cleaning supplies in the bathrooms and ask that after you use the restroom you spray and wipe down anything that you touched. Toilet seat, Doorknob and sink faucets No Children under 10 can go into the restroom without an adult present to clean up properly after them. If they have no parent to assist, we will have volunteers that can help.
We will be blocking off every other pew so that we are distanced properly. We are asking that you only sit with your family and or people that you have already been in contact with. If it is just you and your spouse, please position yourself 6 feet away if sharing a seat with others. We ask that you inform your children that as much as we want to congregate in the building, we canā€™t. We will not be shaking hands or hugging. We will have the choir loft open as well to help with our distancing efforts. We will also have an FM transmitter set up so if we were to reach capacity we will have certain members prepared to go to their vehicles and listen to the services on their radio or you can enjoy the live stream in the parking lot as well.
We are going to use an occupancy level of 75 as the number we will use to begin asking our Church Staff to sit on the lower level overflow that will be set up. (We will be giving details out to the Staff)
We will not be taking up the offering as we normally would. We will have a box set up at the back of the building that will have a slot for your tithes and offerings. We do also have the opportunity on our website for you to give online as well.
We will have hand sanitizer located at the back of the building and request that you use it upon entering the facility. We asked that if you cough or sneeze please do so in a tissue or in your elbow, if you do happen to cough or sneeze in your hand please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before touching any other surface.

We are looking forward to worshiping together, just remember that we must follow these guidelines in order to be able to come together. If someone is openly disregarding the health of others they will be asked to leave the property.
We love all of you and are praying for you!
God Bless!
Pastor Michael Tripp